The group was formed by EDDIE and TAYLOW in 1982.
EDDIE, the bassist, was one of the original members of "THE STAR CLUB" and TAYLOW was the vocalist of the band called "NEURON".
Then TATSUYA (ex.BLANKEY JET CITY), the drummer, and RYOJIO (GOD), the guitarist, left the band to join "THE STALIN" in 1983.
Immediately after that two vacant seats were filled by SHIGEKI as the guitarist and MAKOTO as the drummer.
In 1984, The band released two EP records, "JUST ANOTHER" and "NOT ANOTHER", on its own label TIN DRUM.
These two EPs includes pieces such as "CRAZY CLOCKWORK BOMB (Japanese title:Hakkyou Mezamasi Kurukuru bakudan)", "NO NO BOY" and "LIFE IS A GAMBLE" which are still played frequently at various live concerts.
In 1985, TATSUYA who had left "THE STALIN" and played with "GOD" came back to the band and it released its first album "NUCLEAR COWBOY" from ALCHEMY RECORDS.
This album also includes "FUCK ALL" and others which are also still played at live concerts.
It is not too much to say that this is the most historic album in the punk rock scene in Japan with its sound still being so fresh now.
In 1986, TATSUYA left the band to re-join "THE STALIN" and the part was replaced by JOHNNY who has been with the band since.
In 1987, the band had the live show of <GENBAKUKAIDAN>, the collaboration unit with a so called noise band "HIJOKAIDAN" proving its wide range of musicality capable enough to perform alternatives and hard rocks, needless to say punk rocks.
Starting with the mini album "The wonderful world of Punk Rock (aka:ONANIES AT LAST)" in the same year, the band released In 1988, a compilation CD "ESSENTIAL" was released from ALCHEMY in the runup to others that contained EPs in early days, pieces from the first album and unknown recording tapes.
The 2nd album "GHQ" was released in 1989 and the album "ON TIME" was released in 1990 that was live-recorded at "OPEN HOUSE" in NAGOYA where the band is originally from.
The 3rd album "DESERT ISALAND DISC" was released in 1991.
The band started to get close attention from overseas as well since its first USA tour on the west coast in 1992 and consequently, the 4th album "ALL THE WAY" was released in 1993 which is recognized as the hardest and the heaviest album.
In 1994, "QUALITY CONTROL" was released which is the anthology consist of member's best choices from three albums since "ESSENTIAL".
The band went on the second USA tour in 1995.
The next year, 1996, sound sources in early days which had already been released from its own label, TIN DRUM, was made into CD as "TIN DRUM YEARS".
The band has released something every year in some way or another and the 5th album "STEP FORWARD" was released in 1997 after four years as an
The ultimate best album "NUCLEAR GROOVE" containing 27 pieces was released in December, 1998.
The band's stance toward live concert was proved to be energetic and determined by participating "AIR JAM 2000" tool place at CHIBA MARINE STADIUM in August, 2000.
A single CD "I WILL / I DON'T" was released from TRIPPIN' ELEPHANT RECORDS in April, 2001.
In December 2001, the guitarist SHIGEKI resigned due to overseas assignment and the vacancy was filled by SHINOBU who used to be with ASHES.
In 2002, celebrating its 20th anniversary, many memorial events took place in TOKYO, NAGOYA and OSAKA presenting guests such as TMGE, GAUZE, BBQ CHICKENS, BAREBONES, MOGA THE \5 and BRAHMAN.
Meanwhile, KEN YOKOYAMA, ex guitarist of Hi-STANDARD and BBQ CHEIKENS, made an official join electrifyingly.
A double CD "FIVE LIVE the GENBAKU ONANIES" was released from PIZZA OF DEATH in May 2003 which contains "FIVE LIVE", recorded at the 20th anniversary memorial live in the previous year, and 8 pieces which had already been released but re-recorded, the studio version of "PIN UPS".
In December the same year, the band released the original album "PRIMAL ROCK THERAPY" the 6th in its career and the 1 st with KEN YOKOYAMA from TRIPPIN' ELLEPHANT RECORDS.
Subsequently, SHINJI TANAKA (ex.RAIYA) replaced KEN YOKOYAMA as the guitarist and the band is going to have the 25th anniversary in 2007 since it started out.
In September 2009, SHINJI TANAKA left the band.
Another 4 members are still in the group.
The band also has quite a few offers from overseas bands to work together with them.
So far, the band has played together with, to start with, FUGAZI and many others such as J-CHURCH, UNSANE, JETS TO BRAZIL and DOA.